Beaux Arts of Central Florida

Friday, August 18 – September 15, 2023

Artist Reception Friday August 25 6-8pm

Examples or artwork from Beaux Arts of Central Florida

About Beaux Arts

Beaux Arts of Central Florida is composed of 50 professional artists who are members by invitation only. They work in all mediums and place a strong emphasis on experimentation and creativity to produce exceptional artwork. Members regularly receive awards and recognition for their artwork.
In the beginning, it was well-renowned Artist Lillian “Lu” Belmont and 18 of her art students that started what was to become Beaux Arts Of Central Florida. They were the first contemporary art group in the then Provincial Halifax Area in 1962. The same year John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, and the first Beatles single “Love Me Do” was released.
Back in those days, the group was known as “Beaux Arts Of Daytona Beach” and exhibited their award-winning artwork throughout Volusia County, FL. In 1963 they were major contributors to the first Daytona Beach Art Festival benefiting the Museum of Arts and Sciences. In 1963 Connie Berardi wrote on behalf of local businesses, and the Museum of Arts and Sciences, “Everyone in the Daytona area was so pleased with you Artists at last year’s Festival . . . you have given us the most interesting event of the year.” Attendance at the Festival was estimated at 20,000 that first year, with the help of Beaux Arts Of Central Florida.
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