Etchings in My Mind

The Art of David Hunter

Friday, May 06, 2022 – Exhibit Opens

Thursday, May 19, 2022 Artist Reception 6 – 8 pm

Saturday, May 21, 2022 1-4pm Watch David demonstrate printmaking techniques LIVE in the gallery

Saturday May 28 & Sunday May 29, 2022 – Relief Printmaking workshop in the gallery with David Hunter.

Monday June 3, 2022- Exhibit Ends



What is an Etching?

An etching is an original print made from an etched metal (either Zinc or copper) plate. The plate is made by coating a smooth, polished metal plate with an acid-resistant coating. A needle is used to draw lines through the coating to expose the plate surface. When the drawing is finished the plate is placed in an acid solution which eats or “etches” the lines into the plate. When the plate has been etched it is taken out of the acid and the acid resistant coating is removed to reveal the lines etched into the plate. A print called an etching is made from the plate by rubbing in k into the lines and rubbing excess ink from the plate surface. The inked plate is placed on the bed of an etching press and wet paper is placed over it. When the plate and the paper are run through the press the surface of the paper is forced into the lines on the plate and the ink is transferred to the paper to make the final art work. Once the paper is removed from the plate the etched lines remain in the plate surface the plate can be inked and wiped numerous times to make an edition of prints, each of which is considered to be an original piece of artwork in its own right.

~ David Hunter

David Hunter

Every artist has a primary medium at which he or she excels; printmaking happens to be mine. The techniques and materials involved in printmaking lead to a never-ending source of ideas that constantly feed my imagination.

Even though I teach many printmaking techniques, especially intaglio, my own work involves strictly line etching. Over the years I’ve been able to refine my technique so that each image is printed from an etched plate that has taken many hours of labor to finish. Even though the etching process is tedious I enjoy the intricate detail I can include in each image since no other medium lends itself so well.

I balance the tedium of etching with painting. I keep the etchings small, no larger than 8” X 10,” while the paintings are large, up to 40” X 60,” colorful and relatively loose. I find that if I bounce back and forth between the two media I can maintain a freshness and enjoyment in what I do. I can’t imagine anyone being happier on a day-to-day basis than I am.

Artist Bio and Awards

Workshops with David Hunter

 Learn new and exciting techniques and sharpen your skills at a workshop offered by Award winning artist, David Hunter during his gallery exhibit.

Workshop Descriptions:

Monotype Printmaking  This is a one-day workshop in which participants will be able to make prints called monotypes using oil paints and watercolors.  A monotype is a one-of-a-kind print which, in this workshop, will be made by painting on a plexiglass with either one of the previously-mentioned paint types then printing from the plate onto paper using an etching press.  All materials will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring a selection of either oils or watercolors (and brushes for each) that they prefer.  Further information regarding imagery will be provided several days before the workshop.

Monotype Printmaking |One Day Workshop held in the MDCA gallery| May 21 9am-4pm with instructor David Hunter

$125 member/ $150 non-member

Relief Printing  This is a two-day workshop in which participants will design and carve relief printmaking blocks of various materials then print from them using various techniques including an etching press.  Both monochromatic and color inking techniques will be used with reduction color printmaking techniques included.  All materials will be provided and equipment will be provided with water-based inks being the only type of ink  used.  Further information regarding imagery will be provided several days before the workshop.

Relief Printmaking | Two Day Workshop held in the MDCA gallery| Sat May 28 9am-5pm & Sun May 29 10am-5pm with instructor David Hunter

$200 member/ $225 non-member