Mount Dora Art League

Mount Dora Center for the Arts is proud to lift up and partner with the Mount Dora Art League, the oldest organized group of artists in Central Florida.

 The Mount Dora Art League is comprised of artists who pay an annual $25 membership fee to cover monthly art demonstrations and workshops. They meet once a month and have a member only exhibition each year in the MDCA gallery.
Today, all forms of artistic expression are encouraged. Members need not be artists, just have an interest in art and are welcome to come to learn about art through demos and discussions.

Demos and workshops are planned for each of their meetings which are held in the Mount Dora Center for the Arts gallery at 135 E. 5th Ave Mount Dora, FL on the third Saturday of the month from 10am to 12pm. 

The annual Mount Dora Art League Artist Exhibition is being held NOW through June 6, 2024 in the MDCA Gallery at 138 E. 5th Ave. Mount Dora, FL.

2024 MDAL Member Exhibition Awards

Members of MDAL held their annual exhibition in the MDCA Gallery at 138 E. 5th Ave. Mount Dora, FL in May 2024.


“Nala” Mixed Media, Sheila Hedeman

FIRST PLACE Sandi Hanlon-Breuer, “Mad Hare Day”, watercolor 
SECOND PLACE Carolyn Smith, “Rosey and Baby Gabriel”, watercolor 
THIRD PLACE Morna Strengholt, “Rowboat in the Moonlight” acrylic on window screen

Honorable Mention:

Chrissie Hawkes, “Hurricane” acrylic 
Dea Davis, “Playing Pipers” acrylic
Bob Pearson, “Dijon Morning”, colored pencil 
Susan Grogan, “Let’s Do Lunch” watercolor 
Laura Howell, “Lew Gardens Landscape” photography

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Limit 2000 Characters

MDAL Meeting Minutes


The meeting commenced at 10.15am. Morna Strenghold  (Acting president ) welcomed everyone and introduced herself. There were 16 members in attendance.

Everyone agreed the show was a resounding success and she thanked all those people who had helped to make it so.

Special thanks went to Esther Dirlam (Treasurer), Sheila Hedeman (Chair), Carolyn Smith (membership), Suzi Harr (Facebook, Art Under Arbor), and Louise Gardella (Hospitality)

In addition, Morna gave special thanks to Janet Gamache (MDCA Executive Director), Keri (her assistant), Dea Davis (Helper) and Paul Morris (who hung the show).

As a result of the show, the Art League welcomed 20 new members.

420 people attended the show and Susan Grogan won the People’s Choice award for her painting.

The end of the show has been extended until June 25th and artists may pick up their artworks between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

In view of our developing close working relationship, Morna encouraged all our members to join the Mount Dora Center for the Arts.


The following members were nominated to take the new Board positions and were duly elected by a unanimous vote.

President                                          Morna Strengholt

Vice President                                 Carolyn Smith

Treasurer                                          Esther Dirlam

Recording Secretary                      Claire Fairclough

Publicity/Facebook                        Suzi Harr and Carolyn Smith

Shows and Rotating Displays      Dea Davis

Hospitality                                        Jane Moody and Louise Gardella

Membership                                    Carolyn Smith

Photographer                                 Suzi Harr and Carolyn Smith

Directory                                          Esther Dirlam

Programs                                          Morna Strengholt, Suzi Harr and Dea Davis

Corresponding Secretary             Position Open


Viva La Frida Festival            September 30th, admission $10

Art in the Alley        Every Friday. Artists can sell their art and there is no charge. They must bring their own tables and display apparatus.

Studio Art Farm      Friday June 30th. Artist Reception 4.45 – 6.45

Craft Fair                  October 28th and 29th (set up on the 27th)

Plein Aire                  October 14th – 21st

Quick Draw at the Plant Show   November 4th

? Holiday Show in the Congregational Church, 1st week in December?.

For further details, contact Morna.

An artist from the Artisan’s Gallery told us there is an opening for an Associate.

This is an Artists’ Co-op and any member may place their artwork for sale .

In return they are expected to work in the gallery for 4 and a half days per month.

When items are sold the artist will receive 70% and the gallery will receive 30%.

The meeting was closed at 11.15am.



Respectfully Submitted   Claire Fairclough

Accordion Content

MDAL MAY 2024 Meeting minutes

Morna Strengholt called the meeting to order 10:10 am.  She

thanked MDCA for providing the space and Paul Morris for hanging the show. Thanks to everyone for entering their artwork in the show & everyone who donated to the refreshments at our events and for those donating paintings for the raffle. We raised $70 + $71 raised at the Holiday Show will be donated to Kids Art Camp of Mount Dora Center for the Arts.

QR code for MDAL was created by Paul Morris, it goes to a site about Mount Dora Art League.
Credit card needed to set up MDAL’s website. 
Artisans is waiving jury application fee, looking for artists. Help support Artisans. Buy raffle tickets for an original oil seascape painted by Elisabeth Ferber.  $2/ticket
June 7 at 5-7pm End of an Era closing reception at the MDCA Gallery 
Upcoming events in the MDCA gallery, Kids Art Camp and  the Frida show in September & possibly Plein Air show in October maybe will be held in the current MDCA location or in the Highland/ 5th Ave location. 
Pick up paintings after the June 7 reception or June 8, 10-2pm
Paintings may stay until June 14, 5-7, Art in the Alley or June 15, 2-5pm
Frida show can be about your own story. September is Latin month.
MDCA collects 35% for all sales
June 21 & July 19 Morna’s receptions at the Gatehouse at Lakeside Inn 6-8 pm
Plein air every 3rd Wednesday. June 19 changed from Palm Island 
to 11-12 noon, figure draw from costumed model 
Lassiter Ranch May’s plein air location had 6 participants. They sell honey, eggs, & hold events at the farm. 
Doing models in costume instead of outdoor painting for hot summer months
Studio Art Farm has a recycle show going on now. May 26th is the deadline for the next show on landscapes. $15 to have 3 pieces juried send in jpegs. Go to their website for instructions 
Korinne Carpino demonstration on June 15th alcohol inks from 1 to 3:00 p.m during our next meeting. 
Leesburg Center for the Arts show deadline is May 31st pull old art out of the closet
Apopka Plein Air art Hub of Apopka first week in June
Urban Skechers has monthly events that are free
City of Mount Dora banners for Lake deadline was May 10th
Please volunteer to sit the MDAL spring show to fill empty slots.
Reverse tie dye demonstration by Thomas Chaffe 

Mount Dora Art League History

The Mount Dora Art League was founded on February 26, 1926 and was active from the start. In the early days, the artists were from both Mount Dora and Eustis until Eustis began their own league, but there are still close ties between the two. Art classes in many disciplines and writing were conducted and the first art shows by the group were often held on the tennis court fence!
On the 25 th. anniversary in 1951, Hugh Mc Kean who was then President of Rollins College and is the benefactor along with his wife of the Morse Museum in Winter Park, was the honored guest at a catered dinner in the Community Building.
The League began to fade but was invigorated in February of 1962 when dues were a dollar and no meetings were held but the membership displayed their work together in several exhibits a year.
In 1963 –64, the membership was similar to today’s membership of 50; two shows a year were held and displays by four local schools were included.
Then, only painters were displaying their work, but now all forms of artistic expression are encouraged and members who have an interest in art but are not producing art , are also encouraged to come as members to learn about art through demos and discussions.

Demos are planned for each of their meetings which are held at Mount Dora Center for the Arts at 138 E5th Ave Mount Dora, FL on the third Saturday of each month. Membership for the year is $25.00 which helps to offset any demonstration fees. Come join our Mount Dora Art League and display your art with us at our two shows this coming year.

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